Huka Falls Accommodation

There is a range of accommodation near Huka Falls, including in the closest township of Taupo (3km south of Huka Falls), and north towards Wairakei.

Everything from luxury lodges and resorts, to low cost motels and holiday parks - there's an accomodation option to suit every budget, and whether you are travelling as a family with kids, as a couple, a group of friends, or on your own you will certainly be able to find a comfortable and affordable place to stay.

Any one of the accommodations that we've profiled below will provide an excellent place to base yourself when visiting the falls and the surrounding region!

Accommodation Near Huka Falls

Huka Lodge

Huka Falls Resort

Rive Gauche B&B Lodge

Falls Chateau

Accommodation Near Taupo

There are dozens of accommodation option in Taupo itself. We have featured the ones that offer the easiest access to Huka Falls, as well as making particular mention of some of the lower budget options for travellers wanting to spend less, but still desiring clean and quality accommodation.

Spa Hotel Taupo

Lake Taupo Top 10 Holiday Resort

Riverside Apartments, Taupo

Spa Hotel, Taupo

Accommodation Near Wairakei

Blue Light Lodge

Wairakei Resort

Taupo Farm Lodge

Kinara Country Homestay